Paris Guide: Things you have to do in Paris

Paris /
Thursday, 21 July 2016

Paris, the city of love, light and fashion... and also definitely the most romantic city in the world for me.
I was lucky that I could have visited the capital of France for a few times since I'm a little child. Paris was also the first city I talked about on City Talk. Fascinated by the charm of it whenever I returned, I could never imagine having the opportunity to live and study there. I always had a thing for Paris but after this time I just fell in love with this beautiful place. In fact of this, I have already even planned my next visits to go back there and if you're going to visit Paris as well or just would like to go, below I summarised for you all my to-do's for the city of love.

La Vie En Rose

Paris /
Saturday, 2 July 2016

One of the best things about living in a metropolitan city such like London or even Paris? A lot is about fashion! In big cities like these, you can wear whatever you want, and nobody cares. You can dress as fancy as you like and even then sometimes you might still be underdressed. Especially in Paris, everything is possible because people are coming from all over the world for outdoor shootings, for the fashion shows when it's that time of the year again, or simply just for visiting this beautiful city.

City Talk Blog Sale

Stuttgart /
Sunday, 22 May 2016

You guys probably all experienced that moment when your wardrobe is so full that it barely can burst at any time. Luckily I have two wardrobes for two years now and most of my clothes and especially my winter clothes, which I am not wearing at the moment are in my wardrobe at my parents home. The thing is that my parents moved and in fact of this and of the packing stuff, I decided to clean my wardrobe a little bit. It was time to say goodbye to clothes, which I'm not wearing anymore and maybe they will find a new happy owner. I just posted a few items, if you're curious about the other products, head over to Kleiderkreisel or M├Ądchenflohmarkt. Of course, all prices are negotiable, and you can contact me through mail or a Facebook message!

A Spring Daydream

Madrid /
Tuesday, 17 May 2016
For today's post, I really have to thank Betti. This is the second outfit from Madrid and as you may see on my face, I looked very tired. We went out twice in a row in Madrid and I was so exhausted, that I wasn't even in the mood for taking pictures anymore. Luckily Betti convinced me and I'm so glad and happy about it because the results are amazing! She has such a talent for taking photos and for more impressions just check out her Instagram!

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