Christmas Gift Guide (Wishlist) 2015

Munich /
Tuesday, 1 December 2015
It's that time of the year again! Everywhere you go it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Even if my mind is all about my finals, I'm already very excited about the most beautiful time of the year! Christmas for me is all about family, love and, of course, presents. Not necessarily getting presents but mainly giving presents. I love that feeling and special moment when you give presents to your loved ones and they are so happy about it and when YOU the one, who just has that perfect present!
Today I'm showing you my wishlist for this year, but I think it can also be a good Christmas gift guide for girls. What do you wish for Christmas? Would you like to have the same things?

Fall Glamour

Munich /
Tuesday, 3 November 2015
Good morning my loves,
I hope you're all fine. As you may have already seen here, I've been to Hamburg last weekend. We had a sports competition from all our university campuses there. It was such a funny weekend. Julia and I didn't plan to go to Hamburg at first, but then we had an off-the-cuff decision. Luckily for us! 
On Friday when we checked in our hotel, we got a room upgrade. Hihi so Hamburg couldn't start better. The get-together party in the evening was really good and we met a lot of new fellow students from the other campuses. 

Cosy & Casual Outfit

Munich /
Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Today I want to show you my lovely Cardigan. It's so cosy, warm and perfect for the cold temperatures outside. The Cardigan is from Cecil. I don't want to imagine how cold it's gonna be in winter when it's already so cold by now. By the way, this is my first fall outfit on City Talk this year.

Lately, I realized that I've been living in Munich for more than a year now. Insane how time just passes by. In that year I learnt so many new things (besides my studies), gained a thousand of experiences and had a rollercoaster of emotions by now.

Venice Romance

Venice /
Wednesday, 14 October 2015
I'm sorry that I couldn't show you these photos earlier, but I simply couldn't find time for working on this post a few weeks ago. This outfit will be my last summer outfit for this year. Can't believe how cold it is already! It was a nice summer this year, but now I'm ready for a nice autumn.
My style changed a little bit during this year. While I was wearing a lot of short dresses and skirts the years before, I’m wearing midi and maxi dresses now. My mum sewed me my first maxi dress last year, and this is my first midi skirt! I love it so much and I really feel more elegant and chic.

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