Cosy & Casual Outfit

Munich /
Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Today I want to show you my lovely Cardigan. It's so cosy, warm and perfect for the cold temperatures outside. The Cardigan is from Cecil. I don't want to imagine how cold it's gonna be in winter when it's already so cold by now. By the way, this is my first fall outfit on City Talk this year.

Lately, I realized that I've been living in Munich for more than a year now. Insane how time just passes by. In that year I learnt so many new things (besides my studies), gained a thousand of experiences and had a rollercoaster of emotions by now.

Venice Romance

Venice /
Wednesday, 14 October 2015
I'm sorry that I couldn't show you these photos earlier, but I simply couldn't find time for working on this post a few weeks ago. This outfit will be my last summer outfit for this year. Can't believe how cold it is already! It was a nice summer this year, but now I'm ready for a nice autumn.
My style changed a little bit during this year. While I was wearing a lot of short dresses and skirts the years before, I’m wearing midi and maxi dresses now. My mum sewed me my first maxi dress last year, and this is my first midi skirt! I love it so much and I really feel more elegant and chic.

Oktoberfest 2015 Impressions (Wiesn / Wasen Special)

Munich /
Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Munich’s fifth season officially ended last Sunday! The biggest party in Munich was as always a blast! I’ve been to the Wiesn eight times this year, but twice just only for lunch. Normally you expect that people are drinking too much at the Oktoberfest but to be honest, I’m not the biggest beer fan so I’ve just spent my whole money on food. It was so incredibly good and I already miss it! If I wasn’t busy with eating or singing and dancing then I kept an eye on the other girls Dirndls. You can really say that Wiesn is a fashion show for the Bavaria fashion costume! There were so beautiful models and even if I already own five different dirndls, I could have ten different more! It is also a really beautiful culture with the Dirndls and leather pants for men by the way!
I had an amazing and funny time with my friends. Haha still have the catchy Oktoberfest songs in my head... Now I'm really excited for next year!
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