Heart Talk: How to find the perfect present!

Paris /
Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Some of you probably have already seen it on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat (ly.hoang), that I had my birthday on the 22nd of March. In fact of this, I got a lot of wish requests. How ironic it is that for 95% I always find the perfect present for my family and friends, but when someone ask me what would I like for birthday I never got a clue. So today I'm going to tell you my secrets how to find the perfect present.
I already mentioned it before that when it comes to me, I love giving gifts more than receiving them. Of course, I also appreciate it when I get one. You should have seen me on Monday. I literally jumped and screamed after opening the present and getting an adapter. I really wanted to have that one actually, nobody wanted to buy it for me. So it was a perfect surprise! I was also very happy about the other presents and I love them all.

Pastel in Madrid

Madrid /
Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A few weeks ago I decided to travel to a warmer city and left my currently living in city Paris, which is definitely lovely but was also rainy a lot during that time back then. So I got into a plane and about two hours later I landed in Madrid. It felt so good to finally hug my favourite Blondie after a few weeks not seeing again because Julia is doing her abroad semester in Madrid. If it comes to the weather she definitely chose the right city, but, all in all, I love Paris and I would like to stay here forever hihi. Especially since we also have the sun here, but let’s get back to Madrid. Even when Julia is studying there it really felt like a vacation for us. Together we explored a little bit the city, went out twice and, of course, enjoyed the amazing food such like Paella, seafood, drinks, paella and paella…

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