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Thursday, 28 July 2016

At the beginning of this year, it was time for a new life chapter. On the 4th of January, a good friend of mine dropped me at the airport in Stuttgart and my flight was taking me to Paris for my abroad semester. The city of love... It's hard to describe the love a girl has for Paris. A fairytale destination we all wish to visit someday. Crêpes, macarons, French wine, and the sparkling Eiffel Tower. Everything about Paris is a bless.
New year, new city, a new university, new life. Was I nervous? Just a little bit. I already lived abroad once, and it was also for my academic career, so actually, it wasn't a huge change. Also, I had to move to Munich for my studies as well. (My post about my "London Experiences", which was the first time when I went abroad, you can find here.)
When I arrived at Charles de Gaulle, there was already a kind driver waiting, for taking me to my apartment.

My apartment was super cosy and pretty from the inside but outside it looked like a run-down place. I'm a positive person, and I always try to make the best out of every situation. Also, I was used to that look because of Vietnam. But a few days later I realised that on the street next to my apartment, there were a lot of prostitutes. Oh and I just want to mention that it's already getting dark at 6 pm in January!!! Guys, seriously, I freaked out, and yes, I cried because of the whole situation. I was even looking for a new apartment, but I couldn't find anything better because I already stayed in the 2nd arrondissement.
So, in the beginning, I always stayed at home when it was dark outside. I just went out late when it was really necessary, or someone would pick me up. After a while, I got used to it, and it didn't bother me that much anymore.

From all of my experiences I made, I already knew it's going to be hard and a change in the beginning but I just didn't expect that I would struggle so much. I don't really speak French, and I didn't go with girlfriends to Paris. So, in the beginning, I was trying to handle a lot of things on my own, which also included sightseeing on my own and so on. In the beginning, I went shopping a lot. Haha like in London or Munich. Trust me, sightseeing and shopping always help.

With my family, I already visited Paris a lot of times so all the sightseeings and shopping streets were familiar to me. I just have never been to the museums in Paris but I actually, also have never been an art or museum fan. I never had the interest in it and to be honest, I never understood it either. They say Paris stands for food, fashion art and culture and so I gave myself a hint and visited the museums by choice. Also because I just want to have seen it at least once but in the end, I really enjoyed the museums in Paris.

I've been to Musée d'Orsay, and that one was my favourite. There are art pieces which I enjoyed, and I even explored the Louvre museum alone. You know what I learned? Maybe you just need to find the art of your type, and somehow you will like it and understand it without pressure. So if you have to visit a lot of museums with your school as I had, and you didn't like it, then don't worry. It probably wasn't just your affected area. (All the sightseeings I love and recommend you will find here.)

Pre Birthday Party / Party Nights in Paris / Gala Night with University

On my second day, I already had my orientation at the University. Did you know that they say the friendships with "I didn't like you in the beginning" are in the end the best? Once again it was proven that this quote was right. On the orientation day, I met Nhi, a Vietnamese girl from Berlin. Of course, we were talking a little bit. It's always easier to connect with people from Germany, but seriously, somehow I didn't like that girl... Anyway, a few weeks later we were sitting next to each other because we had a lot of classes together and we started to get to know each other. She wasn't as bad as I thought in the beginning. Furthermore, Nhi even became kind of a big sister to me. How ironic, but I would say: lesson learned.
In my opinion, you should find someone who you can connect with if you go abroad. Luckily, I found beside Nhi another girl from the Netherlands We did a lot of things together such as sightseeing, shopping, Disneyland, partying and going out for brunch, lunch and dinner. Especially for brunch. Sadly, but the truth was that we all spent the most of our money on food, but I really miss these brunch dates with the girls.

When I lived in London, I just had friends who went abroad like me. Don't get me wrong; I truly love them, and I had the time of my life with them in London, but somehow I think it was such a pity that I didn't connect with British people. My Paris experience was completely different. I wasn't searching for French friends, but it turned out now that I found incredible and charming French friends. Thanks to my university in Paris. They mixed us exchange students with the native ones, and so it was easier to connect with them. If you now think that they will come to you and want to be friends with you, then you're wrong. Of course, they are friendly and helpful, but I think in an age like us, you actually don't make friends so fast and so easy like when you were younger. In the beginning, the French students just stayed with themselves, but there was a guy in my main core class, who was looking for a member for his group work.

Just in fact of this, we got in touch with each other, and I am really happy about this because that moment was the beginning of a beautiful and crazy friendship.
My other French friends were studying with me finance. In that class, it was easier because we were just boys and a bunch full of girls. Haha, I probably don't need to explain it more, do I?
Why do I tell you all of this? My stay in Paris would have been entirely different without my French friends. Native students will show you their way of living in the city you come to. It's a kind of way you would never know if you don't have people showing you.
At my university in Paris, they organised a lot of parties. Every uni does this, but what fascinated me the most was that they all have a community feeling. They identify themselves as a student from that university, and they almost all attend the events. We had events such like private parties, a gala night with beautiful gowns and suits but the highlight was the president election during the day at uni. I've never seen something impressive like that before, and I am glad that I could have been part of all that.
Unfortunately, I studied there just for one semester, but it was a blast!

I wanna stay here forever. Here in London. Here in Munich... 
I left my heart in so many places so I actually never considered Paris as another maybe place to live. And then... when I was standing on the terrace of Printemps while watching the sunset over Paris, I discovered the Eiffel Tower. Standing there with such an elegance and coated by the warm shafts of the sunlight... Exactly, at that moment I knew I wanna stay in Paris forever and a piece of my heart will always stay here, and exactly at that moment, I fell in love with Paris even a little bit more.
Yes, I love London, and I also love Munich, but you know what? Just because everything is perfect in the place you are at the moment, why shouldn't it be better somewhere else as well?
I gained so many new experiences through the four months in Paris, and I made such wonderful memories with incredible people. Experiences which made me more open minded. A time when I could improve myself a little bit more and another beautiful city where I fell in love with.

"Fall in love with as many things as possible and spread the love!"

Thanks to everyone who went along with me on this journey. Thanks for four months in Paris...

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  1. Liebe Ly,
    was für ein wunderwunderschöner Rückblick! <3 Es ist so schön, dass du so viele französische Freunde gefunden hast und jetzt schon so viele Orte auf der Erde dein Zweites (drittes, viertes..) Zuhause nennen kannst. Deine Worte haben mich wirklich berührt.. <3

  2. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass Paris für ein paar Monate wirklich eine tolle Stadt ist. Ich denke ich könnte dort nicht leben, ich habe es einfach nicht so mit Französisch (nie wirklich Übung im Sprechen bekommen). Und das gehört nun mal dazu, wenn man so richtig dort leben und dazu gehören will. Aber für einige Zeit (länger als den üblichen Städtetrip) wäre das sicherlich mal sehr spannend. Und Paris ist ja einfach schön!

    Haha! Das ist ja fast noch besser als meine Geschichte mit Versailles! Aber manchmal schiebt man solche Dinge immer weiter vor sich her und auf einmal stellt man fest: ups, Zeit fast um. Kenne ich auch.

    Glaub mir: sich mit Meerjungfrauenschwanz fortzubewegen ist grausam! Jetzt war mein Model auch noch Tänzerin und hat echt Körpergefühl. Aber das Ding ist verdammt unpraktisch! Danke. ;)

  3. Du lebst meine Traum... Im Ausland in den schönsten Städten zu wohnen.. Du hast es gut :)
    Ich bin froh, dass du eine gute Zeit hattest und vor allem das erste Foto ist wunderschön!

    Liebe Grüße, Nadine

  4. Juhu, tolle Fotos! Ich möchte so gerne einmal nach Paris! <3 x Melle


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