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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Hello my lovies,
It really has been a while now... I have just checked City Talk, and my last blog post was in September. Some of you might have realised that I don't even have Instagram anymore since July.
A lot of things happened this year, and so I just needed kind of a social media break. A break from Instagram and also a little break from my blog.

For the last few months, I have been working with a friend on a huge new project. It isn't finished yet, but I am excited to tell you that 2017 will be a complete change!
For all of my friends here on City Talk, thank you that you're still supporting me! It means the world to me, and you guys will get the first sneak peaks about my new project when it is time! Until then you can still see what I'm doing all the time on Snapchat when you still want to be updated. You will find me on Snapchat under the name @ly.hoang and for today's post, I want to introduce you the new Instagram account from Lauri and me.

You already know her a little bit from the Oktoberfest shooting and our YouTube videos. Two and a half years ago we met each other when we started to study and since that we went through so many things together. Like all the other friendships such as Blair and Serena's we had our ups and downs but in the end, and also with Julia, we found our way back together!

A huge change in 2017 will be that we are going abroad together. We are going to move out to a different country and going to discover a new culture. Because of that, we thought Instagram is a nice way to share our memories, which we are going to explore with you guys. So if curious about it, we would love to inspire you on our new account

For the new project, which is coming in 2017 I will let you know as soon as possible! Until then, I wish all a Merry Christmas, a happy new year and I hope to see you on Snapchat and Instagram!

Love, Ly 


  1. Wie schön mal wieder von dir zu hören :) Ich habe leider kein Snapchat, aber auf Instagram folge ich gleich mal ;)

  2. Schön das es dir gut geht! Folge dir/euch auch gleich mal auf Instagram und bin gespannt auf dein neues Projekt :) kommst ja ganz schön rum in der Welt! Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch <3

    Deine Jasmin von


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