The end of City Talk...

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Saturday, 25 February 2017

City Talk, a place to create, to inspire, to dream but also kind of a diary for keeping my memories, photos and thoughts, which I shared with the world.

I started this blog as an online journal of my travels. Beginning with Paris the city of love and lights through so many other beautiful places such as London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Barcelona and ending it again with Paris.

During the last years, I also shared a lot of outfits and beauty moments, because they are and have always been my passion. Another thing I am also passionate about is music.
In “2012” I posted my “All I want for Christmas is you” cover and I got such a lovely feedback and support about it. I have so many wonderful memories of my time with City Talk, and furthermore, I am really glad what I could all experienced and learned from this blog.

By the time my posts got more irregular because I never found the time for City Talk anymore and I always defended myself with no time, but they say that “It is not about “having” time, it’s about making time”. In the end, I grew out of City Talk, and I just couldn’t identify myself with it anymore. I changed a lot during the last few years, and I decided for myself to end this chapter of my life.
I want to say thank you! Thanks for every single one of you who joined me on this journey through the last years. Thanks for every single nice comment and thanks to all your support! I really, really appreciate it, and you can’t imagine how much it means to me!

You know what they also say? “Old doors close so new ones can open!” Cheers to that fact I would like to announce you the new project, I have been working on with a friend for the last months! I couldn’t really say goodbye to blogging because it became a huge part of my life. So because of that may I introduce you to Ly Mademoiselle!

A brand new lifestyle platform about travel, fashion, lifestyle, and everything a 20 something is going through in life! Curious? Then head straight over to
Again, thanks to every single one of you and thanks for everything! See you soon on Ly Mademoiselle!

Love, Ly <3

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